The staff of Family Care Network and its Board of Directors extends a warm welcome to quests on this website. We appreciate your interest in the agency, our committed team of professional staff and, most importantly, the parenting programs we’ve offered to our community for over 47 years. Family Care Network serves children, adults and families with physical, social, emotional, psychological, educational and economic needs in Southeastern Michigan.

Most of the children and adults in our care have come to the attention of the court or social service agencies because of abuse and neglect. We have found that the most crippling result of abuse, neglect, addictions and poverty for the families served by Family Care Network is the loss of hope. Losing hope for safety, stability, significance and security often leaves even the most resilient of children and adults with a broken heart and hollow soul. And with the loss of hope comes self-defeating behaviors, attitudes of despair and defiance, emotions of anger, depression and anxiety and the belief that no one could love them.

Bringing hope back to life can be a time-consuming and difficult task. At Family Care Network, we are grateful to the staff who develop trusting relationships with clients and model love and acceptance. Combined with evidence-based programming, we are able to play a critical role in helping children and adults grow from a broken spirit to a future of hope.


Walt Horlings