Core Values

Family Care Network is characterized by, and committed to, integrity, compassion and respect. These three core values are prominent in our employees and in our work. We understand these values to be the desire for our organization, as well as the personal desires of the employees, in providing services. We share these core values with our staff, customers, funding sources and the community.


We value individuals whose principles of integrity guide decisions and inspire others at work and in the community. We demonstrate this value by preserving our core ideology as an anchor-point while stimulating change, improvement, innovation and renewal. We also demonstrate this value by sharing a sense of purpose beyond our own success.


We value persons who can be moved inwardly and respond outwardly to others.  We demonstrate this compassion by active listening, understanding, caring and attending to others.


We respect people, believing each person has intrinsic value and purpose. This means that we care about listening to each other and affirming the importance of each person’s perspectives. It also means that we find mutually agreeable solutions to problems and issues, both among staff and with our customers. Finally, respect means that we affirm and support differing talents. We desire to assist people to grow to their full potential and be able to use all of their gifts and talents.