Workplace Principles

Family Care Network recognizes the importance of several key principles in the work-place. Each employee is expected to honor the following principles:


We value services that are broad and multi-faceted in their approach to meeting our consumers’ presenting needs. We demonstrate this principle by encouraging treatment in the least restrictive environment possible to maximize family, peer and community involvement. We provide person-centered, individualized care and treatment to the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of the person. We also demonstrate this principle by partnering with family members in care and treatment, by empowering the family’s role in solving problems and finding health and well-being and by encouraging family members to take on healthy roles and responsibilities within their families.


We value services that are responsive to the needs expressed by our community, our customers and other agency consumers. We demonstrate this principle by listening to all expressed needs, assessing our ability to respond and to actively promote participation of these groups.


We value holding ourselves accountable for excellence and efficiency in our services. We demonstrate this principle through clear lines of supervisory responsibility, an organizational structure and culture of defined responsibilities, annual staff evaluations and goal setting, and an annual review process of program outcomes. We also demonstrate this principle by prioritizing ongoing staff development, encouraging and offering opportunities for professional growth.


We appreciate good stewardship of public and private resources. We demonstrate this principle by exercising fiscal responsibility and cost effectiveness while providing quality service delivery.


We value services that are culturally and racially diverse. We demonstrate this principle by employing people who are diverse in race, culture, gender and experiences and are racially, culturally and ethically similar to the populations we serve.

Quality Improvement

We attach great importance to services that are continuous in their quality improvement. We demonstrate this principle by having an agency-wide continuous quality improvement plan that includes ongoing utilization reviews, peer reviews, program outcome measures, and management of agency risk.

Continuous Learning

We desire a continuous learning environment. We demonstrate this principle by investing in ongoing staff development and training, and remaining knowledgeable about best practice guidelines.


We require safety in the treatment environment. We demonstrate this principle by training staff in crisis intervention and having well-defined consumer and staff grievance protocols.